Antech Labs

Building the path to a sustainable future

Tech Playground

Self funding sandbox for mobility and travel ventures since 2009


Over 10 years in Defense Grade high precision electronic and tech ventures


Extensive specs, detailed planning to quality products.

Electric Future

Invested in Cell, Battery pack, Electric motor, Electric drive train R&D engineering.

Design and engineering

Antech labs has run successful tech & travel ventures and now entering mobility solutions with Electric drive trains and battery tech

Strong Core Team

Our core team shares the common denominator of love for tech.

Defense Grade high precision electronic labs

battery cell study, Study of Thermal impact, Performance study and more

Motors & Drive trains

we have made a motor dynameters to test various type of motors

 Cell R&D – Battery Packs

Prototyping testing facility, BMS system integration, Thermal management integration, battery pack test for drive cycle

 Motor drive board

we developed test setup to study the ac and dc power system for design and development of motor controller board.


  • 10 kw EV Charger
  • EV Battery Pack – Lithium ion – 3.3 kwh, 5kwh
  • BMS – 3.3 kwh , 5 kwh
  • 5kw motor controller
  • HVAC system for 3.3 kwh pattery pack
  • single board computer  for ev

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